Sound Factory

About Sound Factory

The Sound Factory is your one stop shop for all things musical. Founded and owned by Dave Rubadeau in beautiful Prince George, British Columbia.  The Sound Factory offers a wide variety of services whether it be lessons, purchasing all instruments and supplies, service and repairs, rentals (including sound technicians) and a professional recording studio.


The company Sound Factory started off back in 2003 as Sound Entertainment LTD. Located on 481 3rd Avenue downtown in Prince George,  the company, in six years, grew and need a change in location and name. In 2009 the store was move to 1798 S. Nicholson where it received its new and current name Sound Factory. The name change came from  being mistaken for a DJ service in Prince George then being known as music store. The name also meant a lot that we were representing a small industry or factory stated in the name that wanted quality and customer care to be our number one priority. In 2014, Sound Factory found its final location at 1621 S. Nicholson. The move was needed for the expansion of our music school and increase in customers. We currently have a crew of six amazing teachers and four excellent salesman making us a small, but still having  a strong impact in the Prince George community.